Next-Level Professional Network Services

Whether you need supplementary support for your existing IT staff or a comprehensive turnkey solution, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises’ (DME’s) Managed IT Services will help your organization maintain its productivity. Our highly-trained technicians can attend to your IT needs, enabling you to concentrate on your core business duties.

Benefits of DME’s Managed IT Services

  • ITIL best practices
  • True 24x7x365 support
  • Remediation included
  • VIP support levels
  • Online reporting tools
  • Trouble ticketing system
  • Support end-user device

Frequently Asked Managed IT Services Questions

The five best-practices for cybersecurity are: permissions, encryption, updates, and a security culture in the workplace. If you are worried about cybersecurity and don’t have a plan in place, this is where you should start.


A local company that employs highly qualified local technicians can do more for its business clients than a global corporation. They understand your market, can easily come on-site, and are often much more available – which leads to more personalized service.


Many managed services providers have real-time monitoring to detect outages and predict issues. However, having a knowledgeable technician available when you need them creates an additional level of reliability.


The first step in protecting your network from ransomware is developing a threat management plan. If you are targeted, knowing your options in advance will help you deal with the problem. Second, develop your defense and understand your vulnerabilities.


Service Desk Support

Based in the North America, we offer a world-class IT experience for your end-users that maximizes their productivity from the office, at home, or on the road.

  • Support third party and home grown applications
  • Document your IT environment of networks, devices, printers, partners, applications, peripherals, and VIPs
  • Define escalation thresholds and processes for all third-party vendors and ensure a seamless handoff for end-users as needed
  • 80% of issues are resolved and closed on the first call

Our courteous, experienced IT professionals have certifications in:

Windows 8


Novell icon


Win server icon silver

NT/2000/2003/2008 Servers

Happy mac silver logo


Online Backup

Don’t leave your ability to safeguard your data to chance. You’ll feel a lot better knowing that your business data is safe and can easily be restored if needed.

Meets all regulatory compliance requirements

Fully automated

256 AES encryption

Multiple tier 4 datacenters

Delta blocking

File deduplication

Open file backup

24/7 file restoration


Business Continuity

Your network must be up 100% of the time. Business Continuity combines backup services with the ability to restore applications while the entire facility is down.

Compliance icon white

Meets all regulatory compliance

Manage white icon

Proactively manages

Replication white icon

Allows for both onsite and datacenter replication

Recovery icon white

A full remote recovery environment is included

Remote datacenter white icon

Replication to remote data centers is included

Analytics icon

Portals and reporting for full visibility


Minimize Cybersecurity Threats

Building a cybersecurity infrastructure that is both effective and sustainable is one of the major challenges that modern day businesses face. As the growing threat of cyber attacks continues to act as a stressor to company execs and employees alike, finding a solution has become an absolute necessity.Fortunately, DME’s Managed IT Services are capable of serving as this solution. They eliminate many of the in-house issues that cause cybersecurity breaches by focusing on developing processes that are feasible and controllable.

DME will help you develop a security-oriented culture without sacrificing the productivity of employees. In fact, by improving cybersecurity processes, companies often find that the reduced burden leads to increased technical productivity and effectiveness across the board.

Contact us today to find out how DME Managed IT Services can help your business avoid cybersecurity risks and improve the effectiveness of your employees.

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Your Company Needs a High-Performing, Secure Network

Every company needs a network, but managing one on your own is expensive and extremely challenging. The costs of common mistakes are extremely expensive and can hurt your business. With Managed IT Services from DME, your company will have the secure network it needs to operate at its full potential and expert support for peace of mind.

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