Day in and day out, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) helps clients produce, manage and route their information better. Thanks to our partnership with FP Mailing Solutions, we can offer you first-class Folder-Inserters, Postage Meters, and Mailing Software to help you organize your letters and prepare them for distribution, while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Postage Meter Features:

Folder-Inserter Features:

High Capacity

The High-Capacity Envelope Hopper has a conveyance device with a capacity of up to 1,000 envelopes at a time and can process up to 4,300 envelopes an hour. You can load up to 3,125 sheets of paper, fold up to 10 sheets of 20-pound paper, and holds up to 1,000 finished envelopes.

Color Touchscreen

With screen sizes up to 10.4”, the super bright color touchscreen stores up to 50 programmed jobs and has graphic symbols for easy-to-understand instructions. There’s also an automatics power saving feature to shut-down the machine when not in use.

Smart Feeders

Load envelopes on the fly and process multiple sized documents with the smart feeder. There is also a customizable feeder with the capacity to fit any job. With the Contact Image Scanner, you can read multiple document intelligence types.


FlexStream is a document processing and enhancement solution that allows you to add intelligence to your documents to control and enhance the contents of your mailing. This helps you to reduce postage costs, sort and group documents, add conditional text, graphics, and barcodes, OMR, and OCR.

Postage Meter Software Features:

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