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Day in and day out, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) helps clients produce, manage and route their information better. Thanks to our partnership with FP Mailing Solutions, we can offer you first-class folder-inserters to help you organize your letters and prepare them for distribution faster.

DME Partners with the Best: FP Mailing Solutions

Based in Addison, Illinois, FP Mailing Solutions shares DME’s commitment to innovation and unmatched results. They have built a reputation for delivering:

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Superior customer service
  • Competitive pricing

FP Mailing Solutions started out by developing superior postage meters and other equipment. Over the years, they’ve grown to provide solutions to improve every aspect of mail centers’ workflows. They pride themselves on meeting the needs of customers quickly and precisely.

Folder-Inserters Features:

DME’s stock of folder-inserters can prepare more than 1,000 letters an hour. They can:

  • Feed documents
  • Fold documents
  • Insert documents into envelopes
  • Seal envelopes
  • Stack envelopes for mailing

Other beneficial features of our devices include:

  • Intuitive color touch screens
  • The ability to insert multiple sheets into envelopes
  • The ability to handle envelopes and documents of varying sizes
  • Capabilities for handling stapled documents

For more information on our devices from FP Mailing Solutions please contact us today!

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