An architectural drawing, for example, will need a larger piece of paper. At the same time, these larger documents still need the same sharpness and vividness of regularly sized ones, if not more.

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) has equipment for customers with bigger needs than regular printers and multifunction copiers can meet. We stock an assortment of wide format systems. These devices give you the ability to print a variety of larger documents, including:

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Architectural Designs and Blueprints

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Oversized Drawings

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Wide Format Production Systems Features:

Optimal Printing and Copying Speeds

You’ll have the ability to produce consistently high-quality prints and copies quickly.

High Print Resolution

You can print images with the same sharp details and vibrant colors that our other printing systems provide.

Hard Disk Memory

The hard drives of our wide format systems allow you to save several documents, making it even easier to make reproductions.

Scanning Options

Our wide format systems come with a set of powerful, convenient scanning features. They give you the ability to scan to the following formats: Email, Folder, URL/NCP, FTP, Document Server

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